A New Technology for Detecting Bovine Mastitis has been Introduced by IIT-K

IIT Kanpur has introduced an innovative technology in animal health to transform the way Mastitis is detected in dairy cattle.

Prof Siddhartha Panda from the Department of Chemical Engineering and National Centre for Flexible Electronics (NCFlexE), IIT Kanpur, along with Dr. Satyendra Kumar, Senior Project Scientist at NCFlexE, IIT-K, has developed an innovative technology called ‘Lateral Flow Immunoassay Strip’ and Method for Detection of Mastitis in Bovines.

To promote its extensive usage, the institute has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for technology transfer with Prompt Equipments Private Limited, a prominent dairy technology company that operates in over 70,000 villages throughout the country.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the presence of Prof Tarun Gupta, the dean of research and development at IITK, Prof Siddhartha Panda (the inventor) from the Chemical Engineering department, and NCFlexE at IIT-K, Shridhar Mehta, the chairman of Prompt Equipments, and Chirag Trivedi.

Bovine mastitis is a leading contributor to financial losses in dairy farming, as it leads to decreased milk production and lower milk quality. This condition involves inflammation in the udder tissue of the mammary gland, which can be caused by physical injury or infections from microorganisms.

Therefore, a new technology has been created to identify Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that plays a significant role in mastitis, along with its associated enterotoxins. This technology utilizes a unique polyclonal antibody and innovative strip test designs.

Bovine Mastitis, IIT-K Introduced New Technology

Professor Manindra Agrawal, the Director of IIT-K, expressed his satisfaction with the mastitis detection technology, stating that it can effectively tackle key challenges in the agricultural industry, ultimately enhancing the lives of farmers and the quality of dairy products.

He also commended Prompt Equipments Pvt. Ltd. for adopting the technology, and ensuring its broad implementation, and congratulated Professor Siddhartha Panda and his team for their efforts.

According to Prof Gupta, our technology provides farmers with a fast, dependable, and affordable solution that allows for immediate action to reduce economic losses and lower the occurrence of severe mastitis cases. This ultimately leads to improved milk quality and yield.


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