15 Tonnes of Fake Masala Seized, Which Was Found to be Composed of Wood Dust, Chemicals, and Spoiled Rice

According to the most recent report, Delhi Police has seized an impressive 15 tonnes of fake masala including coriander powder, turmeric powder, and various other spices during a recent operation at two factories located in the Karawal Nagar area of northeast Delhi.

It has been reported that fake spices were produced using decaying leaves and rice, spoiled millet, wood dust, chili tops, acids, and low-quality oils.

The individuals involved were distributing these adulterated spices to local markets and vendors in Delhi/NCR at the same price as the authentic products.

The police were pointed off about manufacturers and shopkeepers in northeast Delhi producing and selling adulterated spices under different brands.

A raid was conducted, leading to the discovery of another processing unit on Kali Khata Road, Karawal Nagar, after further investigations.

According to a statement from the DCP of Delhi Police, the Department of Food & Safety was notified. Inspections were conducted, samples of the adulterated spices were collected from both factories, and a case was registered under applicable laws.

The three suspects, Dilip Singh (46), Sarfaraj (32), and Khurseed Malik (42), who are the owners of the units, have been arrested.

15 Tonnes of Fake Masala15 Tonnes of Fake Masala

In the interrogation, it came to light that Singh and Sarfaraj had established their operations in 2021 to increase profits through the production of fake spices.

In the past, due to the rising incidence of spice adulteration, FSSAI shared a series of videos on social media demonstrating how to detect spice adulteration at home.

Indian savory foods rely heavily on spices such as turmeric, coriander, and cumin to enhance flavor and nutritional value. However, recent news of toxic spices being found in popular brands like MDH and Everest Food Products Pvt. Has raised concerns.

Hong Kong and Singapore have banned the sale of these products due to the claimed presence of the carcinogenic pesticide ethylene oxide in spice mixes like Madras Curry Powder and Sambhar Masala Powder.


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