US Company set to launch ‘Sky Wtr’, a canned drinking water made from Air and Sun

In the United States, Canned water ‘Sky Wtr’ made from air and sunlight will soon be available for purchase in an effort to promote solar-powered “hydro panels” that provide an off-grid method of producing drinking water. The primary goals of this beverage are to encourage sustainable water supply and increase public knowledge of Hydro panel technology.

According to New Scientist, this sustainable solution, named Sky Wtr, is a product of source, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It will be available for sale in the US later this year. “Basically, we are distilling the air, so you get pure, distilled water as a result,” the company explained. Later this year, the US company Source, which creates solar panels that turn atmospheric moisture into drinking water, will introduce the Sky Wtr canned water brand.

The panels, created by Arizona-based firm Source, use solar energy to power fans, which draw water vapour from the air. A water-absorbing substance, known as a desiccant, traps the moisture, before solar energy from the panel releases the moisture into a collection area within the panel. This is a simple yet an effective technology.

The capacity of each panel is up to 3 litres of drinking water a day, even in arid conditions like Arizona, which is enough to meet an individual’s daily needs. The water produced ‘Sky Wtr’ is highly pure and is mineralised and ozonated to ensure that it is safe to drink. Hydro panels from Source, which was first introduced as Zero Mass Water in 2014, are currently in place in 56 nations worldwide. The panels can be mounted as rooftop or ground arrays connected to a building’s drinking water pipelines. Hydro panels, which cost $3,000 apiece, are mostly used by governments and development institutions to supply potable water to arid or isolated populations.

In Florida, Source also operates a “water farm”, where it can produce 3,000 litres of water per day using its panel array. It plans to sell this water to the public under the brand Sky Wtr across the US in major retailers from August or September 2024. The water will be sold in recyclable aluminium cans and bottles.

The company claims that the introduction of Sky Wtr aims to encourage sustainable water supply and increase awareness of Hydro panel technology in addition to competing in the bottled water industry. Widespread adoption of hydro panels is currently hampered by their high cost, but the company is optimistic that costs will drop sharply soon, making self-produced, sustainable water economically practical.

This drink is high in mineral content and also safe to drink. The company is planning to sell this water to the public from August or September 2024.

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