The Use of Approved Test Methods for Testing Fortificants in Fortified Rice Products is Mandated by FSSAI

On June 11, 2024, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) released a new guideline concerning testing fortified rice products.

The Authority is encouraging all FSSAI-approved food testing laboratories to utilize designated FSSAI-approved techniques for testing iron, vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), and vitamin B12 in fortified rice (FR), fortified rice kernels (FRK), and vitamin-mineral premix for FRK.

The methods were outlined in FSSAI directives issued on September 8, 2022, November 7, 2023, and November 9, 2023.

Below is a summary of the details of these methods for reference.

Product Iron Vitamin B9 Vitamin B12
Fortified Rice FSSAI.FR.16.001.2022 FSSAI.FR.16.002.2022 FSSAI.FR.16.003.2022
Fortified Rice Kernel FSSAI.FRK.16.004.2023
FSSAI.FRK.16.005.2023 FSSAI.FRK.16.006.2023
Vitamin Mineral Premix for
Fortified Rice Kernel
FSSAI.VMPFRK.16.008.2023 FSSAI.VMPFRK.16.009.2023 FSSAI.VMPFRK.16.010.2023


Additionally, all approved laboratories that have standard operating procedure (SOP) test methods, based on FSSAI methods, for testing fortificants such as Iron, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B12 in FR, FRK, and Premix for FRK, are instructed to incorporate the FSSAI test methods (as listed above) into their scope within four months from the date of this order.

Fortified Rice Products, Approved Test Methods

Laboratories that do not adhere to the instructions mentioned above will be excluded from the list of approved laboratories for testing fortificants (Iron, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B12) in FR, FRK, and Premix for FRK.

This has been approved by the Competent Authority.

Click Here to download the FSSAI official notification.


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