Tata Consumer Product has all new Tata Coffee Grand Premium

The vigorously growing Coffee market in India is attracting big firms to enter the market. Tata group has come with premium instant coffee ‘Tata Coffee Grand Premium’ a 100% coffee blend with flavor-locked decoction crystals.

About Tata Coffee Grand Premium

Tata Consumer Products announces the launch of its premium instant coffee ‘Tata Coffee Grand Premium’ a 100% coffee blend with flavor-locked decoction crystals.

The product has been launched keeping in mind the taste preference of consumers in non-South markets who prefer a 100% coffee blend over a coffee: chicory blend (which is more selected in the South).

While being a 100% coffee blend, Tata Coffee Grand Premium also has unique flavor-locked decoction crystals which lock in taste and aroma and are the key differentiator for the brand as it’s an amazing product offering over its key competitors.

Tata Consumer Products launches of its premium instant coffee 100% coffee blend with flavor-locked decoction crystals, Tata Coffee Grand Premium

Puneet Das, President – of Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said,

Our ambition is to become a significant coffee player and we continue to offer relevant and quality offerings to grow our share in the India coffee market. Indian consumers are embracing a new wave of coffee. Hence, as we continue to expand our presence and reach to consumers across India we are strengthening our portfolio across the country with the launch of Tata Coffee Grand Premium – a 100% coffee blend with flavour locked decoction crystals that gives consumers a rich and aromatic cup of coffee

The differentiation of Tata Coffee Grand is the signature SHIK SHIK SHIK sound of the flavour locked decoction crystals. The new launch will be scaled by leveraging TCPL’s network and distribution reach across channels including E-commerce & modern trade.

Reason Behind Launch

After the high Success of its iconic Tata Tea brand, the company’s Strategy is to leverage its product, marketing, and retail expertise to enter the branded coffee space in India.

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