Nestlé Launches Lean Cuisine Balance Bowls for Blood Sugar Management

Nestlé has recently launched a new line of meals, Lean Cuisine Balance Bowls, to support people in managing blood sugar levels. The meals are crafted with filling flavors and well-balanced ingredients, meeting the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Better Choices for Life Program frozen entrée nutrition guidelines.

The Lean Cuisine Balance Bowls are the first full meal offerings to participate in the program. Each frozen entrée contains 400 calories or less, a serving of vegetables, and zero grams of added sugar, making them a good source of protein and fiber. The meals come in four varieties: Tex-Mex Rice and Black Beans, Lemon Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry, Roasted Eggplant Parmesan Pasta, and Creamy Pasta Primavera.

Nestlé’s R&D unit, in Solon, Ohio, used a test-and-learn approach to develop these great-tasting meals that make it easy for people managing blood sugar levels to enjoy a nutritionally balanced diet. After a successful pilot through the U.S. R+D Accelerator, the meals are now launching nationwide in select U.S. retailers starting in April 2023.

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The Lean Cuisine Balance Bowls carry the ADA Better Choices for Life logo on-pack, making it easy for consumers to find them in-store. Nestlé’s Accelerator team worked with various experts, including nutritionists, chefs, product developers, and regulatory scientists to develop the meals. After a limited-edition launch in 2022, Nestlé teams further improved the recipes and created new varieties.

Planning and preparing nutritionally balanced meals are important steps in managing blood sugar for those who have diabetes. The new line of Lean Cuisine Balance Bowls from Nestlé provides a convenient and delicious option for people looking to maintain their blood sugar levels while enjoying a satisfying meal.

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