Kingfisher Beer Recall; Sediment found in Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer & Kingfisher Strong.

Kingfisher beer recalled because excise authorities in Karnataka found sediment in Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer & Kingfisher Strong.

Two batches of Kingfisher beer that were bottled on July 15 at the United Breweries’ plant in Nanjangud, Mysuru, have been found “Unfit for human consumption.”

These batches, identified as 7C and 7E, which consist of Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer and Kingfisher Strong, were confiscated by Excise officials across the state following a notification from the Excise Superintendent on July 28. This communication highlighted the presence of “sediments” within the beer.

The Excise authorities were instructed to stop the distribution of the beer until the results of a chemical analysis were obtained. Subsequent chemical analysis reports received on August 2 affirmed that both batches of beer were not fit for human consumption due to their quality. Consequently, the Deputy Commissioners of Excise for all districts have been notified to take necessary steps regarding the confiscated beer, which entails its disposal.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Excise A. Ravishankar, a total of 74,678 boxes of beer from the identified batches were confiscated. This included 45,520 boxes dispatched to various Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Limited (KSBCL) depots and 29,158 boxes held at the brewery.

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The Excise officials have also pressed charges against the manufacturers for violating quality manufacturing guidelines. The estimated value of the confiscated beer is around ₹25 crore.

When questioned about the rationale behind seizing the two batches of beer, Ravishankar clarified that the decision was not prompted by any consumer complaints. The sediments were not present during the bottling process but were discovered by Excise Department officials during a subsequent examination. The exact cause of the sediment presence remains uncertain, whether it resulted from a chemical reaction or other factors.

Source : The Hindu

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