FSSAI Gives Clarification Regarding Display of Information

FSSAI clarifies the display of information such as the declaration of calorific value, allergens, nutritional information, etc. for food service establishments.

The FSSAI has been made aware of concerns regarding mistakes in the ‘Display of Information’ requirements by licensing authorities, leading to the suspension of licenses in certain cases.

It is hereby clarified that the FSS (Labelling & Display) Regulations, 2020 allow food service establishments to display details such as calorific value, allergens, and vegetarian/non-vegetarian logos through a variety of options.

Sub Regulation 9(1) mandates that food service establishments with centralized licensing or outlets at 10 or more locations must display the calorific value (in kilocalories per serving and serving size) for each food item on their menu cards, boards, or booklets.

Sub-regulation 9(2) mandates the provision of nutritional information, as outlined in sub-regulation 5(3), along with any specific requirements defined in provisions 1.1 and 1.7 of Schedule 2 of these regulations. Additionally, businesses are required to disclose information regarding organic food or ingredients, if applicable, for products sold to consumers upon request either through booklets, handouts, or on their websites.

Display of Information, FSSAI

Regulation 9(5) states that E-commerce food business operators are required to obtain the above information from the respective food business operators and display it on their website as necessary.

Hence, the food service establishment in question is granted the choice and flexibility to choose any of the specified methods for providing the required information.

Sr NO Information Information Providing Method
1 Calorific Value Menu cards or boards or booklets
2 Food allergens and logo for veg non-veg Menu cards or boards
3 Nutritional information, specific requirements, if applicable, and information relating to organic food or ingredients, if claimed Booklets or handouts or on their websites


Given the above, it is recommended that Licensing Authorities strictly follow the above provisions and avoid taking any unfair actions such as issuing notices or suspending licenses if Food Business Operators comply with the specified provisions.


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