Karnataka Food Safety Department Found Carcinogenic Chemical in 22% Pani Puri Sample

In a recent inspection, the Karnataka Food Safety Department discovered cancer-causing chemicals in pani puri. 41 of the 260 samples that were gathered from street sellers to eateries throughout Karnataka were discovered to be dangerous since they included artificial coloring and chemicals that cause cancer. This raised questions about the safety of the food. 18 more samples were tainted, which presented health concerns.

The results reveled that the chemicals and artificial colors present in the pani puri sample are:

  • Brilliant blue:  These may cause some allergic reactions and asthma.
  • Sunset yellow: These may cause some allergic reactions and is also carcinogenic.
  • Tartrazine: These may cause some allergic reactions and gastrointestinal distress.

Certain artificial colors are illegal in some countries. For example, Norway forbids the use of tartrazine and Sunset Yellow, and Finland and the USA similarly forbid the use of Sunset Yellow. Therefore, it is imperative that developing nations address this issue.

The inspection was done after receiving many complaints regarding the quality of pani-puri as stated by Srinivas, the commissioner for food safety.

Earlier last month, a ban was imposed on the use of Rhodamine-B in foods such as Manchurian and cotton candy. The lack of food safety poses a significant risk and raises serious health concerns.

With growing concerns about food safety standards, authorities are now considering appropriate actions against violators to safeguard public health.

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