Food Companies are Setting Up Vigilance, while E-tailers are Preparing to Delist Certain Products

E-tailers are increasing their product inspections in their storage facilities and warehouses to guarantee consumer safety in response to a series of food contamination incidents.

Brands are increasingly enhancing their inspection of the manufacturing process. iD Fresh Food, for example, intends to implement AI cameras in its manufacturing plants to improve the inspection of procedures.

There are plans in motion to revise internal policies, with certain platforms prepared to remove sellers who repeatedly violate safety protocols. Zepto, a fast commerce company, is contemplating implementing a recall policy.

If a customer discovers any food contamination in a product from an FMCG brand, Zepto will recall the entire batch of products.

We have no perception of the manufacturing processes of FMCG brands as platforms. Instances of food contamination are a result of failures in the manufacturing processes of the brands. The responsibility lies with them. We struggle to adhere to the quality standards within our control, stated the CEO of an online platform anonymously. Zepto declined to comment.

According to an executive from another online company, once a product is sealed, platforms have no control over its quality. The executive stated that their company already has a policy in place to delist sellers who have serious faults in their products. This is the toughest step they can take, and they are willing to do so if necessary.

Brands are increasing their monitoring of the manufacturing process, with iD Fresh Food intending to use AI cameras in its plants for improved inspection. P C Musthafa, global CEO and co-founder of iD Fresh Food, stated that food contamination typically occurs at the factory level or due to improper storage. While quality inspectors currently conduct due industry, the addition of AI cameras will further enhance the process.

Baskin-Robbins, the ice cream maker, has implemented strict process controls throughout their production process, from sourcing raw materials to storage. Utilizing technology such as automated machines, scanners, and metal detectors allows them to identify and separate any products with issues, ensuring the integrity of their process.

E-tailers, Delisting some food products

Mohit Khattar, CEO of Graviss Foods, the master franchisee of the brand in India, highlighted the importance of maintaining customer trust by remaining vigilant in their quality control measures.

Recently, Hershey’s India faced an inspection when a customer claimed to have found a dead mouse in the brand’s chocolate syrup. The company stated that all its products go through rigorous quality checks before being sold to consumers. They have thoroughly investigated the reports and are confident in their food safety and production processes.

Hershey’s India also mentioned that they have tried to reach out to the customer multiple times but received no response, leading them to believe that the claim may not be valid. They reassured the public that they have strict measures in place to ensure food safety and prevent any contamination.

According to Angshu Mallick, MD & CEO at Adani Wilmar, all of their plants have received approval from the American Institute for Baking (AIB), which is considered the standard for quality in any factory. He also mentioned that their understanding of the Indian market gives them an advantage in handling quality issues.

Deepak Jolly, chairperson of the Ind Food & Beverage Association (IFBA), advised Food Business Operators to review their GMP systems and processes in light of recent incidents and ensure they are suitable for the changing delivery platforms.


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